Black Sesame Magic Shell


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I am the first person to admit that ice cream is on my Top 3 Foods List. This little sundae setup is dramatic and eye-catching, but super simple to prepare and that much easier to eat! Jet black Japanese sesame paste is mixed with some coconut oil that solidifies almost instantly when poured over ice cream and adds an earthy flavor to cut through the sweetness. Matcha ice cream is practically a no-brainer to emphasize delicious Japanese flavors, but strawberry (my all-time favorite flavor) is a formidable contender. Any extra magic shell can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature, just stir well before using. Prefer to keep it vegan? Just use your favorite vegan ice cream and dive in!

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Prep time 2mins

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    Stir black sesame paste with coconut oil until well combined. (You can heat them briefly in the microwave if necessary!) Stir well, then pour over scoops of ice cream until solid. You can scoop the ice cream into bowls and top with magic shell up to 4 hours in advance for easy serving straight out of the freezer.