Spinach Quinoa Patties With Marinated Kale And Watermelon Radishes

"Best lunch date with @sheilamariehiggins. @gkstories spinach quinoa patties, marinated kale and watermelon radishes, golden beet hummus, raw coconut water, and some delicious treats from @rawchocolateman.

Recipe served with simple lemon/evoo/sea salt marinated kale and watermelon radishes. The golden beet spread, a chickpea-less riff on hummus, is a base of oven roasted golden beets blended with tahini, hemp seeds, miso, garlic, meyer lemon juice, and a hefty pinch of turmeric to bring out the beets' golden color.

For Moroccan-style lentil stew I drew from Laura Wright's blog The First Mess... probably my all time favorite food blog! Laura makes it with chickpeas, which are amazing, but I'm often too lazy to go through the ordeal of soaking and cooking them fresh. As a result, I started making a version of her soup with different types of quicker cooking legumes and beans. It's great with french green lentils, and I'd also like to try it with black eyed peas. Additionally, I reduce the stock a good deal for a more stew-like consistency.

As for the socca, I looked at a few recipes, and settled on food52's basic version. The cool thing about socca is that you can let it sit for up to twelve hours, and the flavor only gets better! I've made it a few times since with different ad ons and thicknesses, and the stuff is becoming a regular in my kitchen. Gluten free, high in protein, extremely delicious... enough said!"
-- @leeab89

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