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Pistachio Pink Pepper, Nuts And Chocolate Bread
Recipe Intro From lamigademariana
Flavourful flour combination with delicious add-ins
This is yesterday's bread! Manitoba Khorasan Rye and a mix of pistachio, walnuts, pink pepper and dark chocolate -@lamigademariana


Pistachio Pink Pepper, Nuts and Chocolate Bread

I have matched Hamelman's 3-Step Rye Starter with his whole grain sourdough bread formula and created this recipe:

Plan your bake 24 hours before.


Rye Starter

Step 1 (total 12 grams)

4 g semi-wholegrain rye

6 g water

2 g rye starter


5 hours fermentation on 20ºC (ideal dough temperature 24ºC)


Step 2 (total 96 grams)

48 g semi-wholegrain rye

36 g water

12 g step 1


12 hours fermentation on 20ºC (until 24 hours for lower temperatures)


Step 3 (total 356 grams)

130 g semi-wholegrain rye

130 g water

96 g step 2


3 to 4 hours fermentation on room temperature


Final Dough (try to keep the dough temperature at 24ºC)


413 g whole Khorasan flour

590 g Manitoba flour (half strong and half all pourpose flour also works well)

638 g water

20 g kosher salt (or Himalayan salt)

356 g rye sourdough starter (all from step 3)

100 g pistachio

80 g dark chocolate of your choose

60 g nuts

10 g pink pepper



Mix the water with the starter and after, the flours. If using a mixer, 1 to 2 minutes on first speed just to keep the ingredientes together. If necessary, adjust the water. Wait 45 to 60 minutes to add the salt. At the mixer, 1 to 2 minutes at second speed. After mixing the salt, add the chopped pistachio, chocolate and nuts and the pink peppers to the dough, saving some (except the chocolate) to top the bread during the bake (1 to 2 minutes at first speed on a mixer). Try a moderate gluten development. Stretch and fold after 50 minutes. After this, If necessary, stretch and fold after 30 minutes.

Place the dough on a counter and divide. Wait 10 to 20 minutes and shape. This second fermentation can long 2 to 3 hours at room temperature or you can choose a cold fermentation of 8 to 16 hours between 10ºC and 6ºC at the fridge. It is not necessary to wait the dough get room temperature to bake it after a cold fermentation.

Bake it in a dutch oven, covered, at 250ºC for the first 20 minutes. Take the dutch out of the oven, uncover, spread a little water on the top of the bread (you can spray or use a brush, just enough water to "glue" the nuts) and carefully press down the remain pistachios, nuts and pepper and keep it covered for 10 more minutes, than uncover it and reduce the temperature to 230ºC and bake for 20 more minutes at fan mode (taking care not to burn the nuts on top of the bread - I did it at the first time).