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GoToGreens Saladpalooza



#GoToGreens with Taylor Farms

Los Angeles 'Saladpalooza'

Article by Kevin Masse
Photography by Silas Fallstich

As home cooks, we look forward to spending our evenings (and weekends) in the kitchen, over the stove, cooking from scratch, creating delicious food for our friends and family.  We spend our Sunday planning out the week, prepping ahead and maybe even cooking a few meals to have at the ready.  Try as we might though, sometimes, life just happens, and we need a quick and easy solution to put a healthful dinner on the table.

“From an early age my mom and dad, Joanne and Ted Taylor, ingrained in me the imperative of leaving the world a better place. One of the greatest pleasures of our success since I started Taylor Fresh Foods, has been the opportunities afforded to us to make a positive impact on a larger scale.” 
– Bruce Taylor, Founder and CEO.
Top to bottom: Taylor Farms Lemon Arugula Crafted Salad Kit & Beauty & Grains Bowls Station

Taylor Farms was born out of a love and passion for farming.  Founded in Salinas, CA (lovingly called America's Salad Bowl), Bruce Taylor realized that consumers were craving fresh, healthy, ready to eat salad options.  With this vision in mind, Bruce and his dedicated team, committed to keeping to the core values of farming, set out to make this a reality.  Nearly 25 years later, Taylor Farms employs more than 10,000 people, with 2,000 of them based in Salinas.  Of course, as tastes change, companies evolve, and so has the Taylor Farms, shifting into ready to eat Salad Kits.  They've become our favorite go-to here for anytime we need a quick meal, lunch or dinner.  We wanted to showcase the ease at which Taylor Farms Salad Kits (especially their newest chopped salad kits complete with grilled chicken!) can become the foundation of a hearty, healthy, make at home meal - without all the time in the kitchen.  Welcome to SaladPalooza!

Photos, top to bottom: Guests gather at Festoon, Los Angeles; Taylor Farms Grilled Chicken Salad Kits
Our concept was simple, we wanted to showcase to our Los Angeles #feedfeed community, the ease to which you can grab a Taylor Farms Salad Kit to create a really fun and excting, easy to make dinner.  Each meal, leaning on the Salad Kit as the foundation of the meal. 
Gathering at Festoon, Los Angeles - we brought together an incredible group of  our Los Angeles community to celebrate over lunch, with Taylor Farms and experience, first hand, not only how delicious their salads are, but to spend time breaking bread together.  

Not only did we have an incredibly beautiful setting with delicious food, but the room was filled with laughter, smiles and a flurry of DIY activity - something we'll never forget!  Thanks to all who joined to make this day truly enjoyable and memorable experience. 
#Feedfeed Los Angeles Community Members enjoying lunch
Photos clockwise, top to bottom: Feedfeed's Kevin Masse, Ailar P.Mae Badiyan, Angela Bae; Taylor Farm Gift Bags, Lunch in the making
Thank you to Mission Produce for providing the most perfect avocados, Newfound Food for incredible Avocado Oil & Blueprint Juices for keeping us hydrated!