Hummus Toast With Soft Boiled Egg, Fresh Thyme And Everything Bagel Spice

"i mean, it’s not even tuesday ? #toast got a fresh delivery of @majesticgarlic sprouted hummus yesterday so it had to go down! @alvaradostreetbakery sprouted sourdough bread toasted and topped with the original hummus, one soft boiled @vitalfarms organic, pasture-raised egg, fresh thyme (ps how perf did this one turn out?!), and @traderjoes everything but the bagel seasoning. off to yoga in a bit and then gonna try to get my act together and do a little mealprep ? hope you guys have the best SUNDAY!!!! #kalejunkie #eeeeeats #f52herbs"
-- @kalejunkie

feedfeed recipe

serves 1


1 slice bread of choice, toasted

1 tbsp hummus

1 egg, soft boiled (see method below)

fresh thyme, to taste

everything bagel spice, to taste


Spread hummus on toast, top with egg, thyme and everything bagel spice. 

How to Soft Boiled Eggs

6 eggs

salt and freshly ground black pepper


Bring 3 quarts of water to a boil in a large pot. Gently lower the eggs in and cook for exactly 5 minutes. Run under cold water to stop the cooking, then peel and serve.