Cedar Plank Grilled Sablefish With Ponzu Sesame Honey Glaze

"Cedar Plank Sablefish w/spicy ponzu sesame honey glaze... Buttery soft n'flaky, sweet savory spicy and a hint of cedar smoky. I wanted to try more plank grilling, so I marinated a few pieces of @sizzlefishfit sable in sesame n'soy, placed them on a toasty cedar plank and brushed with glaze while grilling. The glaze is a reduced mix of ponzu, sambal, @beelocal honey, scallion, lemon juice, fresh ginger, S&P and water. (Recipe slightly adapted from that Blue Apron Catfish I did a few weeks ago)."
-- @julesfood

Recipe Intro From julesfood

The glaze recipe @julesfood used is based off of the catfish recipe linked here.  For tips on grilling on cedar, click here