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Raspberry, Persimmon And Rosemary Infused Water
"Good afternoon! . I am continuing today posting Thanksgiving ideas that are healthy, colorful and easy to create for the #berrytogether and #feedfeed #contest . I'm sure it's no surprise that I will be serving infused water at our thanksgiving dinner. I have experimented with some ideas this week (as you can see on my account) but I think I've decided on this combination. Inspired by @plantbasedrd and her use of persimmon, I created a red raspberry, sunshine raspberry, rosemary and persimmon infused water. I love how the persimmons look like pumpkins when sliced! The rosemary is definitely the dominate flavor so I only added a sprig. I would recommend freezing your raspberries before hand so as they melt they infuse the water with a stronger raspberry flavor. . To set up the infused water station, I included: glasses, pre-poured water, a pitcher of the infused water, straws, cocktail sticks, a bowl of extra fruit with a spoon and more fruit & herbs for garnish. The best part is the station makes a huge impact for very little money or work."
-- @joggerof4
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1 sprig fresh rosemary

1 6oz container fresh raspberries

1 persimmon, sliced


Add all of the ingredients to a large pitcher.  Cover with cold water and let infuse in the fridge for 1-2 hours.