Heirloom Tomato Toast With Ricotta And Honey
"When the question comes to how shall I use heirloom tomatoes and upgrade my toast game, the answer is simple. keeping the ingredient fresh before retransforming it , is the best way to go!"
-- @ibitefood

Recipe Intro From ibitefood
When it comes to good, fresh tomatoes, keeping it simple is best

Heirloom Tomato Toast


pain de champagne

olive oil

ricotta cheese , heirloom tomatoes

crushed sea salt & pepper, to taste

wildflower honey

toasted pine nuts 


Brush bread with olive oil and toast under your broiler until golden. Top with ricotta cheese, heirloom tomatoes. Drizzle with honey. Sprinkle with salt & pepper and toasted pine nuts. Now please bite ahead and enjoy