Croissant Egg Sandwich

"When you are asked at multiple occasions to do a breakfast repeat , that gives me no options but to head to the kitchen and start working : breakfast sandwich on repeat :Freshly baked buttery flaky croissant topped with melted & Gruyère cheese, organically grown mexican avocado slices , whipped crème fraîche , slowly poached red egg, smoked chilli powder , sea salt flakes and a crack of black pepper . Bon appetit J "
-- @ibitefood

Recipe Intro From ibitefood

Looking for something to take your homemade croissants to the next level? Why not try them for lunch, with this mouthwatering egg and avocado sandwich from @ibitefood?

1 organic egg
1 butter croissant
Half hass avocado
3 tbsp. of Crème Fraiche Grated Emmentaler Cheese (the more the better)
Madon Sea Salt (sprinkle)
Smoked paprika (Sprinkle)
Fresh black pepper

It all starts with a fresh organic egg that is slowly poached. Make sure to drop the egg in the pot while swirling the hot water+ 1tbsp of white vinegar and then turning off the heat and leave it for 5 mins.
Once, that complete set the egg on the side in an iced water to stop the cooking. Cut the croissant in half and add the cheese on one side and melt in the oven until crispy. Once out of the oven, start by layering the crème fraiche, followed by sliced avocado. Now we add the egg and finish it off with a madon sea salt flakes , smoked paprika and a crack of fresh pepper. Bon Appetit