Mexican Pork Belly & Crackling

"Pork belly and crackling for my husband's birthday! Such a great celebration dish perfect for any summer party. I seared this beautiful piece of meat that I got from the butcher's at Hampton Court, just rubbed it with maldon salt and seared it in a hot baking tray, then I fill the tray with a mixture of @cervezamodelomx, jalapeño chili, garlic, agave nectar and chicken stock, just enough to cover the meat part, leaving the lovely pork fat get crispy in the oven. Just warm up your tortillas, reduce your juices to sauce on top your meat and enjoy! Happy long weekend in the US and Canada! "
-- @holasus

Recipe Intro From holasus

Loving the Mexican flavors in this absolutely delicious pork belly and crackling recipe from @holasus! Crispy pork fat and juicy pork belly make this a must-try for any pork lover!

2 lbs of pork belly.
2 fresh jalapeño chilis.
3 garlic cloves.
1 tbsp olive oil.
1 cup of cilantro.
1 cup of negra modelo o Brooklyn lager.
1/2 cup of agave nectar.
1 tsp black peppercorns.
Maldon salt for rubbing the meat and the cooking liquid.
1-2 cups of chicken stock.

Preheat your oven at 180C.

Place in a blender your jalapeños, garlic cloves, olive oil, cilantro, beer, agave nectar, black peppercorns and pinch of salt in the blender, blend well until all your ingredients are combined, reserve your mixture on the side.

Get your pork belly ready and score the fat on top with a sharp knife, you can ask your butcher to do this for you, make sure you get good quality meat, pork belly is normally a cheap cut so make sure you spend a bit more by buying this piece at your local butchers it will be worth it! Get a good amount of maldon salt at rub it well on the pork skin and in between the creases, make sure you add enough salt this would help crisp up the skin.

Get a deep baking tray for roasting and place it over your stove in a high heat, add rapeseed oil or olive oil just a slight drizzle, and once is very hot place your meat in with the skin facing down, once it gets seared turn it over and repeat the same with all the sides of the meat.

Place your meat with the skin facing upwards in the roasting tray, add your spicy mixture from the blender, make sure it goes all over, also add your chicken stock just enough to cover the meat part, don't let it go on the skin you want to leave that bit to crisp up, but the juices will keep the pork belly moist and tender, boil the liquid over the stove and once is bubbling place it in the oven.

Roast for an hour approx or until your juices reduce and the pork skin is golden and crisp. Take it out of the oven and place on a chopping board, cut slices of meat with crackling, reduce your tray juices to half or until sirupy. Place your lovely meat over a nice serving platter, spoon some of the reduced juices on top and add some fresh cilantro serve with warm corn tortillas and salsa.