Fried Rice with Broccoli and Carrots

"VEGGIE FRIED RICE on repeat : because it's that good! While we are always trying new dishes, there are some that are on repeat because they are quick, easy and crowd-pleasing. And especially during the busy Spring time, that's what we need! Perfect by itself or along side other dishes, I love is that Fried Rice is so versatile. It uses up any vegetables and rice, and can be adapted to tastes, adding in favorite vegetables and any additional protein desired. My son loves his with egg, broccoli, snow peas and carrots. In this one, I also threw in some mushrooms and mung bean sprouts because I had some in the fridge."
-- @healthygffamily

Recipe Intro From healthygffamily

Dinner leftovers from this fried rice would make an excellent lunch option for your kids the next day!