Dog Days Old Fashioned

""Smoke gets in your Eyes". I'm a Scotch Drinker...don't get me wrong I love a nice solid bourbon but there is a sweet and sometimes salty smokiness I LOVE that I just find more often in Scotch. So I used bourbon @basilhaydens to be exact ?, thanks to my trusty fellow bourbon drinker @joythebaker suggestion. I attempted to recreate the nose of scotch while ramping this up with lemon and mulling spice ice cubes to bring it a little summer flare... This was the cocktail that I made for @frontiercoop that I came back to again and again. It's spicy and refreshing with the addition of Crystallized Ginger simple syrup, sugar cane, smoked salt and Lime. So my friends here is my final summer cocktail for you. It's been so much fun developing and shooting these. If you make one please tag me and let me know! Cheers...may your summer be festive!"
-- @gabriellegeiselmanmilone