Spicy Plum Barbecue Sauce

"A spicy Plum Barbecue Sauce. A twist for July 4th weekend. Recipe for this is on the blog ?and a sweet story on how I made jams with my Grammy. ❤️#barbecue #plums #fruits #feedfeed #asian"
-- @foodfashionparty

Recipe Intro From foodfashionparty

Zinfandel (red, never white) is that lustful Vitis Vinifera with the flavorful spicing and aromatic verve of a belly dancer. Making it the natural beauty to pair with equally spicy-sweet divinity found in @foodfashionparty's Spicy Plum Sauce. Slathering this on any barbecue, pork, chicken or tofu and enjoy with that robust Zin. A sexy match made in sex pot heaven.