Vanilla Maca Pancakes With Caramel Sauce And Quinoa Pops

"Of course I have to share this morning's delish pancake stack as well. Vanilla maca pancakes with my favourite caramel sauce, banana slices, quinoa pops and mulberries on top. Pancake coma to say the least! "
-- @flourishinghealth

Serves: 1


1/2 cup buckwheat flour (heaped) (70 g)

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp baking soda

1 ripe banana, mashed (80 g)

1 tsp lemon juice or apple cider vinegar

1 chia egg (1 tbsp ground chia seeds mixed with 3 tbsp water), could sub for flax egg

3 tbsp almond milk (you may have to add a couple more tbsp if the batter is too thick!)

1 tsp melted coconut oil

Coconut oil for frying 

1 tbsp maca or lucuma powder

1 pinch of vanilla powder


Start by preparing your chia egg: Grind one tbsp of whole chia seeds either by hand or in a coffee grinder, then mix the ground seeds with 3 tbsp of water. Stir well and let sit on the side for a few minutes to swell.

In a small bowl, mix all the dry ingredients with a fork until the baking powder is evenly divided. 

Mash/blitz the banana with the lemon juice (or vinegar) until smooth.

Pour in the chia egg, mashed banana, melted coconut oil and almond milk and stir until the batter is completely smooth. Let sit on the countertop for a few minutes (the batter should be THICK)

Fry in a spoonful of coconut oil (unless you have a non-stick frying pan) on medium heat for a couple of minutes on each side.

Caramel Sauce
2 tbsp peanut flour (or peanut butter if you don't have any peanut flour)

1 1/2 tbsp almond milk

1/2 tbsp date syrup

1/2 tsp maca powder

Mix all ingredients with a fork until you have a smooth, creamy sauce. You may have to adjust the amount of liquid if you use peanut butter instead of flour.

Put slices of banana in between the pancakes and top with the caramel sauce, quinoa pops and mulberries! 

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