The Cure-all Cocktail With Garlic Simple Syrup

"We are often inspired by food when we create our cocktails and we also big fans of the zero food waste movement. This cocktail embraces both of these ideas and really pushed me (in a good way) out of my comfort zone. "
-- @elementshrub

Recipe Intro From elementshrub

Garlic in a cocktail?! It's happened. An exciting way to step outside your culinary comfort zone! This whiskey libation incorporates a homemade rosemary & roasted garlic simple syrup. With lemon, garlic, whiskey, and cider vinegar this cocktail might very well cure all!


1.5oz Smith Bowman whiskey
0.75oz Lemon Mint Element Shrub
0.5oz roasted garlic, rosemary simple syrup
Freshly ground black pepper (three grinds from a pepper mill)

Shake all ingredients until thoroughly chilled. Strain into a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a bouquet garni.