Chai Pumpkin Cake

Chai Pumpkin Cake.  I re-made this recipe for my families thanksgiving, I wanted to show them how…
Chai Pumpkin Cake. I re-made this recipe for my families thanksgiving, I wanted to show them how easy it is to eat vegan foods. Not only is this holiday full of slaughter and torture of turkeys, but we are supporting the unsustainable practice of agriculture. Hopefully with my knowledge of regenerative/sustainable agriculture I can be part of the new generation that changes this system from inside out. One thing I do know is that if we (the people) boycott a certain product, we the people will prevail. I say vote with your dollar and that's how we will change this world for the better..


Chai Pumpkin Cake 
1 cup of mashed butternut squash or pumpkin 
2 cups of oat flour
1 ½ tsp of baking powder 
1 ½ tsp of baking soda
½ tsp of Pink salt
1 tbsp of cinnamon 
½ tsp of nutmeg 
½ of coconut oil
1 ½ of maple syrup
¼ of a cup of chai tea 
2 tsp of vanilla paste

Maca Orange Icing
8 tbsp of vegan butter
4 tbsp of maca powder
2 tbsp of orange juice
6 tbsp of maple syrup .
Topped with
1/3 of a cup of pomegranate seeds 
3 tbsp of orange zest

1)Pre-heat the oven for 350 degrees.

2)Take you dry ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly, set a side. 

3)Take your wet ingredients into a separate bowl and mix thoroughly and set a side. 

4)Pour in ½ a cup of dry ingredients at a time into the wet ingredient bowl and mix well. Repeat this step until all cake ingredients are mixed thoroughly. 

5)Pour into a cake pan (20 cm wide or 8 inches), bake for 45 minutes and set it a side to let it cook off.

6)As the cake cools down make your icing by adding all ingredients together and whisking them until smooth.

7)Top the cake with the icing, orange zest, and pomegranate seeds.

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A vegan cake using chai and pumpkin
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