Cucumber Salad With Champagne Vinegar

"A few of you noticed the side salad I served up with my beef brisket yesterday. It was this delicious cucumber salad, that may just be one of the easiest salads to make. Recipe now posted (link in profile). And with that, I'm signing off for a couple days. This week was a busy week and I'm feeling the need for a little digital detox. Signs and symptoms from my body are gently reminding me that I've been pushing myself too hard and compromising on my sleep. Which, many of you know is one of the things I stress is most important for a healthy immune system. So that's what I'm gonna do this weekend. Sleep in. Disconnect. Dig my toes into the sand. Get some sunshine. And enjoy the long weekend. Have a lovely Memorial weekend friends! ❤️"
-- @downshiftology