Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches
"#throwback to these super delicious banana ice cream sandwiches! ?? To make these, blend 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup almonds, 1 cup of dates and 1 tbsp cacao until you get a thick mass. Take the whole mass out, cut into 6 pieces and flatten each one of them (in a shape of discs) on a chopping board. Freeze them for one hour. After this time, start making your banana ice cream. Blend three frozen bananas - you can add different things and spices to each banana. For example - strawberries, raw cacao powder or dates. Remove previously frozen "sandwiches" from the freezer. Now you can apply three tablespoons of banana ice cream dough on one disc and press them with another one. Repeat with next two sandwiches, freeze for one or two hours and enjoy! ??"
-- @doitforapancake