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Homemade Pumpkin Gnocchi With Sage Butter Sauce
Have you ever made raspberry jam? I don't mean literally. I mean making jam to distract yourself from swirls of thoughts--the constant narrative in our head that slows us down and steals our joy. When the past creeps up you, head outside to pick raspberries. Focus hard on every move your hand makes so that the thorns in the raspberry bushes don't cut you. When worry and fears for the future sneak up to the front of your head, focus instead on boiling the jam jars, measuring the sugar, stirring the jam, and sealing the lids tightly. Pick a thing that takes your constant attention. Keep yourself in the present moment. Don't think of the past; don't worry for the future. We're here right now. And we're making homemade pumpkin gnocchi pasta because it keeps our hands dirty and our minds clear. Do you know about Ram Dass? Ever read his book 'Be Here Now?' Sorry I just got all weird on you. -@dessertfortwo
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