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Matcha latte
"DIY hotel room matcha lattes, what up! I get a TON of DMs about how I make my matcha teas and lattes at home, but ALSO how to make them on the go! I love the ritual of making my matcha by hand at home, BUT sometimes I don’t have time for that! Here are some tips for making hotel room matcha! • be sure your water isn’t too hot. I normally use the hotel room coffee machine then add some room temp water so it’s not boiling - too hot will damage the matcha • get a good on-the-go matcha. Normal matcha tends to clump, but there are plenty of great brands that make packets formulated to not clump. I like @rishitea and @myencha . • add some almond or oat milk (I honestly bought a little carton from Whole Foods) • put everything in a reusable and sealable coffee tumbler and SHAKE to combine. It will get nice and frothy and so yum!!"
-- @copinaco