Garlic Chicken Spinach Dumplings
"For the past few months, I’ve had an obsession with dumplings. We’d go out to different dumpling places to try them out and compare. @gpoon would steam some for us from the batch that he and his mom would make from scratch - wrappers too! It’s kind of a comfort food for me, one that I never seem to get tired of. And so finally, a few weeks ago, I decided to try to make a version at home. I used store bought wrappers just to keep it simple. And because I was just testing the filling out, I chose ingredients that were simple and easy to find. I tested two batches and made dozens and dozens of dumplings. We ate some. I froze some for later. I gave some to Gordon so that’d we have a quick meal after a long work day. And suddenly in these past few days, they’re exactly what I needed. Quick comfort food that I can take out from the freezer and make in little time. And a fun project to do while sheltering in place. Because pleating dumplings? It’s almost like a form of art. Soo many ways to do it."
-- @cookingwithawallflower