Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

"Hi hi, happy Tuesday! Just popping in to share that @thebakerylady and I will be teaming up and participating in a bake sale next weekend as part of the event organised by @bakersagainstracism. We will be opening preorders on the 15th and it will be a Williamsburg based pickup on the 20th with all proceeds going to @theokraproject which helps to provide meals for Black Trans people worldwide. Watch this space for more details - there will be cookie dough, and I can’t wait to see what Chelsea is planning on making! Thank you so much to @bakersagainstracism for organising! I’ve spent the last wee while having a lot of conversations in our house and with family about our white privilege and how we have benefitted from it. I moved to NYC from New Zealand 6 years ago as a VERY naive 22 year old and quickly realised I had grown up relatively blind to the world around me and had (and still do have) a whole load of work to do to learn about how the world operates - in America, in the world as a whole, and in the society that I grew up in. I’m all here for learning more and doing the work that is needed in order to use my voice in a way that supports and uplifts others. All lives can’t matter until Black lives matter. Lots of love 💕 #bakersagainstracism"
-- @cloudykitchen

A Note from Feedfeed

These gorgeous chocolate chip cookies are stuffed with nutty, delicious peanut butter and finished off with a good dose of flaky salt! And even better, these cookies are for a great cause, Bakers Against Racism, a worldwide virtual bake sale with all proceeds going to charities that fight for racial equality. Check out their page to see learn more!