Breakfast Eggs Sandwich

"Inspired by @eggslutla, a burger bistro in LA that makes the most decadent burgers oozing melty cheddar and glistening yolks. Among them a breakfast burger featuring brioche, scrambled eggs, cheese, chipotle mayo and caramelized onions which literally made me claw at the laptop screen..So from halfway around the world I decided to make my own version of it: fluffy burger buns with sriracha mayo, creamy scrambled eggs, blowtorched cheddar (for that extra smokiness and melt), maple caramelized onions. The flavors go together so well and eating it is just a beautiful mess ONE DAY I WILL EAT THE REAL THING"
-- @cherylishungry

Recipe Intro From cherylishungry

Snack, Quick, Easy, Good for a Crowd This egg sandwich with “…oozing melty cheddar and glistening yolks” from @eggslutla inspired @cherylishungry to make her own version with sriracha mayo, “blowtorched” cheddar and maple caramelized onions. Isn’t this egg sandwich everything?