Danish Open-faced Sandwiches With Summer-inspired Toppings

"Smørrebrød; open faced sandwiches"
-- @chef_seabones

For the sandwiches I went classic Scandinavian style with rye bread and modified the typical smørrebrød toppings one would find in Scandinavia. From upper left to bottom right:

1) boiled tricolor baby potatoes, dill mayo, sprig of dill. (To make dill mayo, combine 2 tbsp Mayo with 1/2 tbsp chopped fresh dill)

2) hummus, sliced cucumber and parsley. Click here to get feedfeed's homemade hummus recipe. 

3) smashed yams with green/red cabbage.

4) smoked salmon, dill mayo, dill.

5) tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil. 

6) roast beef, parsley mayo, scallion, pimiento, cornichon.

7) avocado wedges, mango salsa, cilantro.

8) blanched asparagus, pickled baby peppers, shaved Parmesan.

9) beet hummus, pickled beets, roasted garlic, scallion. Cick here for a beet hummus recipe.