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Christine Carlson
Los Angeles, CA
Ramen, coffee, & bourbon enthusiast. Writer, photographer, recipe developer, & blogger over at What do you crave?

Red, White & Blue Trifle Cake with Basil Whipped Cream

My Recipes
White Wine Roasted Tomatoes
As the editor of the garlic feed for @thefeedfeed I'd be remiss if I didn't partake in #nationalgarlicday !! So I offer up to the garlic gods my white wine roasted tomatoes with 2 bulbs of garlic. Serve with bread and more wine and die of happiness.
Rum Old Fashioned With Mint, Chocolate And Blood Orange
"The course of true love never did run smooth." {Shakespeare} But this @diplomaticorum sure does! I made a rum old fashioned with mint, chocolate, & blood orange. It's not pink or red but you will fall in love with it. Happy Valentine's Day friends!
Cucumber Cure
Look friends! A green drink to start the new year all health-minded and such. This sparkling elixir has cucumber juice (hydrating and flushes out toxins), basil (a good source of vitamin c & k), ginger (good for an upset stomach after last night's antics), and lemongrass (for stomachache, colds, & more). I mean sure there's prosecco and gin in there too, but it's green and garnished with greenery so #HealthyLiving right?
Bucatini With Bourbon Bbq Bacon Meatballs
I am all about decadent comfort food this time of year and what better way to dive into @FarmerJohnLA's #BaconWonderland than with a recipe that is quite simply bacon goals?! I whipped up some BBQ bourbon bacon meatballs using @FarmerJohnLA Steakhouse Seasoned Bacon and ground pork. Adding bacon to the ground pork made for the juiciest most flavorful meatballs I've ever had! You need these in your life friends!
Butternut Squash Bucatini With Bbq Bourbon Meatballs
Here is the finished shot of my indulgent BBQ bourbon bacon meatballs and pasta! I paired creamy butternut squash bucatini with meatballs loaded with @farmerjohnla Steakhouse Seasoned Bacon and ground pork! Flavored with roasted garlic, sage, bbq sauce, and bourbon--these meatballs are the stuff of comfort food dreams!
Pumpkin Mole Pulled Pork Bowls
Here is the finished meal from yesterday: @salsaology Pumpkin Mole pulled pork bowls!!! I made poblano cilantro rice, black beans, and fried some plantains and cotija cheese just like my mom used to!
Turkey And Kabocha Squash Bean Chili
Good morning friends! Recently my pal @immediatelycookies challenged me to make a pretty fall pot of chili. As I'm sure some of you know chili isn't always to most aesthetically pleasing. But I happily obliged. I made a turkey and @heritagedistilling Brown Sugar Bourbon chili with purple yams, kabocha squash, fresh ginger and tons of spices. Then I garnished each serving with lemon, crispy sage, shallots, chopped walnuts, and a Serrano pepper. I'm feeling pretty good about it! And the flavor was incredible! Head to @immediatelycookies to see his gorgeous recipe and be sure to tag us if you decide to make some Pretty Chili of your own!
Thai Inspired Crudite Platter With 3 Dips
All of the snacks!! Need some ideas to feed your holiday guests? I used @yaisthai condiments to make Chili Garlic Hot Sauce goat cheese, Thai Relish and basil chimichurri in Greek yogurt, and Chili Lime Hot Sauce white bean hummus.