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Christine Carlson
Los Angeles, CA
Ramen, coffee, & bourbon enthusiast. Writer, photographer, recipe developer, & blogger over at What do you crave?

How to peel a whole Head of Garlic

My Recipes
Everyone is sick! I’m trying to avoid illness again by drinking tons of fluids including this Thai basil, mint, tangerine, and ginger infused water.
My last breakfast with @simoncohn at the @lilhobbithouse last week! Herbed ricotta toast with mushrooms, tomatoes, and fresh eggs from their chickens! I miss the forest and river so much! And this lighting?! Can we talk about this lighting?! Travel blog recap coming soon! ???
Browned Butter Garlic Mashed Potatoes With Pecorino, Pancetta And Sage
Can we talk about these super creamy, browned butter and roasted garlic mashed potatoes with pepper pecorino, sage, and pancetta? Or better yet, can we just appreciate them in hushed awe?
Potato, Asiago And Caramelized Onion Galette
Yesterday's Asiago potato and caramelized onion galette was so delicious! It's the buttery, cheesy, carb-laden meal of your fall comfort food dreams and you need it in your life! Now I feel like gallette-ing everything! Up next, bourbon salted caramel apple galette! (I might get carried away, send help!)
Sparkling Pineapple Cucumber Frescas
Sparkling Piña Pepino Frescas! sponsored by @crystalgeysersparkling. I've partnered with them to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Infused with fresh cucumber and pineapple juice and a jalapeño lemongrass simple syrup, this libation is an escapists dream! As a part of their #EssenceOfLife campaign I'm sharing how I take a simple everyday moment and celebrate it by making it special. I try to take time out each week to mix a drink that taste like a vacation I wish I was on, put on some music, grab a book, and leave the rest of the world behind? How do you make the most of of simple moments?
White Wine Roasted Tomatoes
As the editor of the garlic feed for @thefeedfeed I'd be remiss if I didn't partake in #nationalgarlicday !! So I offer up to the garlic gods my white wine roasted tomatoes with 2 bulbs of garlic. Serve with bread and more wine and die of happiness.
Rum Old Fashioned With Mint, Chocolate And Blood Orange
"The course of true love never did run smooth." {Shakespeare} But this @diplomaticorum sure does! I made a rum old fashioned with mint, chocolate, & blood orange. It's not pink or red but you will fall in love with it. Happy Valentine's Day friends!