Berry Torte
"We only have one day left in #LetsCakeItEasy & I had to squeeze in my favorite cake of all time - this Blitz Berry Torte! This drop dead gorgeous cake is made with 2 lovely layers of rich yellow cake with a fluffy layer of meringue baked right on top of the cake layers. It’s encrusted with toasty, sliced almonds & layered with a naturally sweet honey custard. Then topped with a big bright & juicy pile of fresh berries. I love me a messy cake & this torte is tops. 🙌🍓🍰 This cake is definitely more complicated than the skillet cakes & bundt cakes we discussed earlier in this #BakingTheGoodsWithBobs series. I mean, it requires you make meringue - that’s a big ask. But, I wouldn’t say it’s significantly harder to make, there are just more steps involved. If you read through my blog post (link in bio), you will quickly learn just how head over heels I have fallen for this cake. To me, this is the world’s most perfect cake & worth every second of effort that goes into baking it. The textures & flavors in this cake are perfection and the berries are just the cherry on top. It may take you a few practice rounds to get the hang of this cake but I promise, it’s well worth the investment. Once you’ve conquered this torte, there is no going back, this will be your favorite cake, for all eternity. I guarantee it!"
-- @bakingthegoods