Buckwheat Milk

"add sprouted buckwheat milk to the menu at my imaginary cafe cause we've been drinking full fat coconut milk for the past 10 years and we're getting a little sick of it...just a little, like a teeny tiiiiinnny bit. and we're allergic to tree nuts, so homemade nut milk is out . Anyone else tired of full fat coconut milk? am I the only one!? THIS RAW SPROUTED BUCKWHEAT MILK IS DA bomb! I made this #sprouted buckwheat milk by sprouting raw hulled buckwheat. The sprouts may have been growing for 3-4 days. "
-- @archerfriendly

Recipe Intro From archerfriendly

This is the perfect alternative for those with nut allergies


1 cup sprouted raw hulled buckwheat, sprouting for 3-4 days

2 cups filtered water

liquid stevia

1/10 of a vanilla bean

Put the sprouts in a high powered blender like a vitamix, with the filtered water, liquid stevia, and vanilla bean. Blend + Strain.

The flavor is amazing, although I think the 1:2 ratio is a little watered down. Next time I will try a 1:1 ratio of sprouts to water.