Tomato, Purple Cauliflower and Golden Beet Bowl

"being aware about where the food that i eat comes from is something so important to me. whenever i shop for produce i try to choose local and organic for many reasons (more of that on the blog). however, it is not always possible for me to find local food products at the grocery store so i make sure that i visit my local farmers market whenever possible. here I made a veggie bowl with ingredients mostly local, and some that are not. for the base i used @cagrownofficial read leaf lettuce tossed in local olive oil and lemon, roasted local rainbow chard, local zucchini, local radish, local microgreens, local tomatoes, @ca_avocados avocado, ca grown almonds, and roasted beets + cauliflower. so grateful to live in a state that is able to grow food to keep us nourished. ♥️ #andapinchoflove #cagrown #feedfeed @thefeedfeed"
-- @andapinchoflove