Gluten Free Brown Butter Banana Bread
"NEW!! ✨// Gluten Free Brown Butter Banana Bread! If you're doing a little extra baking these days go ahead and add this recipe to your list, ASAP. This gluten free banana bread is the perfect combination of warm cinnamon, sweet banana, vanilla, and delicious nutty brown butter. # You can make a plain loaf or feel free to add in a few chopped walnuts or dark chocolate chips (my personal fave) and make it your own. # Cozy, comforting, and everything you need right now."
-- @allthehealthythings
A Note from Feedfeed

We didn't think banana bread could ever get better, but it has! The addition of brown butter to this quick bread gives it a nutty taste that can't be beat. And you'd never know it was gluten free!