Berry, Mango, Greek Yogurt And Coconut Water Smoothie

"@thefeedfeed here again w/ another pic from our Healthy Athlete Editor, Allison, @fromtheathleteskitchen who says, “On days when I'm super organized, I'll make a small meal *before* my ride, so it's ready as soon as I get home. The optimal window for recovery fuel is about 30 minutes after a hard effort, and inevitably distractions come up as soon as I'm through the door. My go-to is a #smoothie with Greek yogurt, mixed berries, a banana or mango and coconut water - taking in a heaping dose of antioxidants, some protein and carbohydrate is a great way to replenish and restore muscles, connective tissues and the entire cardiovascular system. Plus, I have noticed that sound nutrition immediately after a workout makes a real difference in recovery time. ????Click the link in the profile for my recipe found on @thefeedfeed's Healthy Athlete Feed at for dozens of recipes & ideas to fuel your workouts & recoveries and follow me at @fromtheathleteskitchen to see what I'm cooking up.” #feedfeed #MyActive"
-- @activedotcom