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Pestos, Gremolatas, Chermoulas & Chimichurri

Below are some of our favorite Pestos, Gremolatas, Chermoulas & Chimichurris made by the #feedfeed community.

A Note From thefeedfeed

As the resident Chief Boss with the Sauce, I pride myself on always having a tasty condiment on hand to add some flair to whatever I'm cooking. Pestos, chimichurris, gremolatas, and chermoulas are all the perfect sauces to keep in your fridge for a heavy hand of flavor. Not only are they all super easy to make, but they're highly customizable, so you can add in whatever herbs, spices, oils, cheeses and nuts that you might have on hand. Get creative with it! Drizzle 'em on your egg egg breakfasts, pizzas, or salads. Keep your sauces in an airtight container, and they should last you up to a week!