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Marie Reginato
San Francisco, CA
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The Art of Extraction

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Pineapple Passion Fruit Smoothie
Pineapple and Passion fruit smoothie with coconut yogurt. I'm almost a week into the elimination diet and I've got to say, I'm sleeping a bit better and I have a surge of natural energy right in the morning - without a cup of coffee! Which hasn't happened since I was 7 years old or unless it's Christmas morning. Have you guys ever tried an elimination diet or cleanse? Would love to know your thoughts or tips that got you through it. Happy weekend!
Coconut Yogurt Bowl With Cinnamon Stewed Apples And Pears
One of my favorite breakfasts. Coconut yogurt with a quick swirl of stewed pears and apples in cinnamon and honey.It's been a busy month so this has been my dinner and breakfast for many nights now. But I kind of love it.
Thai Green Curry
It is pouring outside! Soooo I thought it would be fun to drive downtown and head to the ferry building because who goes shopping when it's raining this badly?! No one! So no long food lines! I'm also picking up a few ingredients to make this Thai Style Green Curry for lunch today
Citrus Granola With Tahini
Super chunky citrus granola with @shirleybarliving tahini all over a big bowl of @siggisdairy coconut yogurt for breakfast after a pretty early workout 🙈 For the past few months or so I became a little obsessed with figuring out how to make huge granola clusters. You know, the ones you see at the health food stores that sell for $15 a bag 🙉 But it's actually really simple to make! I posted the recipe and technique on my blog (link in the bio) if you want to have a peek and make some for yourself ☺️
Breakfast Tacos With Delicata Squash, Mushrooms, Black Beans & Avocado…
Although I’m sitting in a freezing airplane away from my cozy kitchen, I’m celebrating World Vegan Day from afar with this delicious Fall Inspired Breakfast Taco recipe! I’ve teamed up with @thefeedfeed and @bestfoodsmayonnaise Vegan Dressing to create a creamy avocado and cilantro sauce that is layered onto corn tortillas, stuffed with roasted delicata squash and mushrooms! Have you guys ever tried breakfast tacos before? I never have, so I was very excited to put this recipe together for ya’. Ok, now I have to go and put my phone on airplane mode before I hear it again from the flight attendant. See you soon! #sponsored #feedfeed #worldveganday
Secret Ingredient Dark Chocolate Pudding
Dark Chocolate Pudding - made with two secret ingredients! The weather has been beautiful in the city these past few days so I went on a hike to the ocean and woke up with a sunray designed burn on my back! It couldn't look more hysterical with alternating white and red strips down my back flaring out into the shape of sunrays Should I show you guys on snapchat. Probably not. Now I'm going to go to town with my aloe vera plant...and then make this chocolate dessert
Shrimp Tacos With Chipotle Sauce And Apricot Salsa

It’s finally starting to feel like summer in San Francisco and I’m celebrating with some delicious Shrimp Tacos topped with homemade Chipotle Sauce and Apricot Salsa! I’ve teamed up with @thefeedfeed and @bestfoodsmayonnaise to create a delicious chipotle sauce made from Best Foods Carefully Crafted dressing (it’s vegan-friendly!) for their #bepicky campaign!
It’s a simple blend of chipotle chili peppers, Best Foods Carefully Crafted Dressing, and a bit of cilantro, all whipped together making a spicy base for the shrimp tacos. Can’t wait to pack up a few of these for a picnic on the beach this weekend!

#feedfeed #sponsored

Strawberry And Mint Smoothie Bowl
* Strawberry and Mint Smoothie! * What happens when you find out your best friend has snapchat too? You stay up late making the oddest sounds, faces and literally freak yourself out by how disturbing you look in most of the snapchats filters - especially that tomato one! So to make a quick breakfast I just whipped up my very favorite strawberry and mint smoothie - so refreshing! I've added the recipe link in my bio. And if you want to come join me on #snapchat my username is marie8thandlake.
Avocado Toast With Fresh Basil Pesto, Hemp And Sesame Seeds
*Avocado toast with fresh basil pesto, hemp and sesame seeds! 😍* Just a quick breakfast this morning since I went to bed late last night after watching the movie Ghost 🙈❤️🎉 I had no idea how good that movie would be and what a looker Patrick Swayze was! But man that pottery scene 😍🙌🏻 I'm sure every woman wishes they had taken up pottery as a kid after seeing that scene 😉😂 Have you guys seen it And actually what is your favorite movie from the 90s I still love Clueless 🙈