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Basil, Bacon & Cabbage Basmati Plates With Double Onion & Garlic Sauce
The comfort of lunch at home, the bright glimmer of the first snow in weeks, the fullness of the refrigerator, the promise of afternoon coffee & a newspaper. Welcoming these things and more with gratitude. . Today for lunch I made these basil, bacon & cabbage basmati plates with sweet and sour red cabbage, double onion & garlic sauce and a hefty topping of avocado. It tasted even better than it looks.🙌 >>> Link to recipe on @thefeedfeed:
Shakshuka With Basil & Fried Halloumi
It is morning, and I sit at my table, my table which I've moved to the sunniest part of the living room to eat this shakshuka in the sun's warmth.
I see that the life of this place is always emerging beyond expectation or prediction or typicality, that it is unique, given to the world minute by minute, only once, never to be repeated. And this is when I see that this life is a miracle, absolutely worth having, absolutely worth saving. We are alive within mystery, by miracle. [Wendell Berry] || Open your eyes to the many things you take for granted, the people you love, the food filling your tables, the fullness of the world each day.
Scenes from the weekend: a leftover lunch on the porch in the fading days of summer. The warmth remains, interspersed with cold gloom, and I'm crossing my fingers that it's enough for more of my tomatoes to ripen.
Some days you make kimchi in bulk for an event and then visit the fairgrounds to enter various preservatives in the county fair. Just a regular day here on the prairie.
For the green grass and the birds singing and the joy of a omelet and the warmth of spring - for these things and more I am thankful.
The scene of the past few days: crosswords and extended morning coffee - the kind that morphs into afternoon coffee, arguably the best kind. Enjoying the beauty of visitors, open-faced sandwiches, and slow life at the farm.
Maiden voyage of this shakshuka with lamb kefta meatballs - let me just say it's a winner. Scene from last night: red chile, ras el hanout, & lemon couscous, spiced chick peas, Brussels sprouts salad with strawberry and pine nuts, and bread. [Lamb kefta recipe from @mymoroccanfood]. Wednesdays are for feasting.🍳
There is nothing quite like the lingering, the listening, over that last cup of the day. Once we stand up all is different. Exiting the restaurant into the unknown is darkness. Light is here. Peace is here. Let's stay. ••••• After dinner coffee. The aftermath of a vibrant meal: one of my true joys.
If you went to my kitchen's bookshelf, picked up PLENTY, and turned to page 87, you would find a well-traveled page, a page thick with splatterings of cumin-infused olive oil and loved the way all cookbook pages dream of being loved. This page tells the story of shakshuka, a dish of slow-cooked tomatoes, onions, and spices topped with poached eggs. I have cooked and photographed this divine dish innumerable times, I've traveled to taste it, I've had it from @ottolenghi himself. Read more in my latest post: Shakshuka: a tale of culinary pursuit >>> On the blog now! Link in profile.🍳