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My Recipes
Paleo Chicken Adobo
One of my all time favorite recipes is my Paleo version of Filipino Chicken Adobo. I make this when I'm running out of meal ideas or I'm in a hurry to cook something for dinner. This is one dish that tastes better as each day goes by so you can enjoy it throughout the week!
Slow-cooked Turkey Chili
Making more of my Slow Cooker Turkey Chili today as part of today's meal prep Sunday!
Meatballs With Lemon Tahini Sauce
I ate a big plate of turkey meatballs with my lightened up Lemon Tahini sauce and it was very satisfying and full of flavor! I'm not a big fan of ground turkey but this sauce will have me eating turkey more often now ? # The Lemon Tahini sauce is part of my revamped 10 Sauces and Seasonings freebie PDF that will be sent to all of my mailing list subscribers tomorrow morning. The recipes are paleo, macro friendly and includes the fat/carb/protein content of each one!
Gluten-free Turon (fried Banana Fritters)
My gluten free Turon (fried banana fritters) recipe for #filipinofoodfriday. Hits the spot when I want to enjoy a healthier version of my favorite filipino dessert!
Bison Burger Bowl With Creamy Cashew Roasted Garlic Sauce And Crispy Onions
I made a hearty burger bowl using the bison burger patties from @thehonestbison and it was so filling! I shared the recipe for the Creamy Cashew Roasted Garlic Sauce and Crispy Onion strips that I served it with on the blog today. It's a great sub for the usual French fries and ketchup!
Chicken Inasal
New recipe for #filipinofoodfriday! Fire up your grill and make a batch of Chicken Inasal (savory Chicken BBQ) this weekend!!