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Chad Montano
San Diego, CA
Food photographer + stylist with a degree in food pornography and a passion for food puns.

How to Break Down a Butternut Squash

My Recipes
Bagel Breakfast Sandwich With Eggs, Bacon, Cream Cheese & Chimichurri
There's been a jailbreak! 3 dangerous convicts were seen using a yolk rope to escape prison. If you see them please call the yolkal authorities 👮 . JAILBREAK BAGEL SANDWICH WITH SAUTÉED SPINACH, CHERRYWOOD BACON, CARAMELIZED ONIONS, CREAM CHEESE, CHIMICHURRI, AND A POACHED EGG 🍳
Blue Spirulina Smoothie
Little boy blue, come blow your horn. The sheep's in this the meadow, the cow's in the corn. But where is the boy who looks after the sheep? He found a girl on Tinder, got lucky, and fell asleep in the back of a Jeep.
Bbq Jackfruit Sandwich With Spicy Jalapeño Slaw And Cilantro
Currently working with Apple to create an app that will allow your phone screen to automatically dry after drooling... . BBQ JACKFRUIT SANDWICH WITH SPICY JALAPEÑO SLAW, CILANTRO, @annieshomegrown SMOKY MAPLE BBQ SAUCE ON A BRIOCHE BUN
Toast With Brie, Salami, Arugula, Avocado & Poached Egg
You can whip it, beat it, poach it, and lick it. Whatever you decide to do with your egg just make sure you serve it face down on some bread. #feedfeed #hackingsnacking #contest
Banana Red Beet Nice Cream
Damn it's getting cold here in Cali!! I woke up this morning feeling stiff as wood. I looked like Pinocchio walking around my house singing "I got no strings on me."🤥 . BANANA RED BEET NICE CREAM 💯 2 frozen bananas 1 tbsp @mrm_usa Red Beet powder Splash of @lovemysilk almond milk 1 scoop @athleticgreens Banana protein Frozen blackberries and Pom seeds @paleopassionfoods Choco-nuts granola @salbachia chia seeds @crazyrichardspb almond butta drizzle @squareorganics nuts & sea salt chunks (use "Briewilly" for 20% discount)
Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup
You know you're old when you go outside because you hear the ice cream truck and wait in line for a Choco Taco with four 8 year old girls.... 😂 COCONUT CURRY BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP with yellow onion, ginger, garlic, butternut squash, sriracha, chili paste, vegetable broth, coconut milk, cilantro, and lime.
Stay warm this winter and roll yourself up inside a tortilla☝🏻 You guys these Flautas are so BOMB and simple to make. Check my stories to see some behind the scenes. Appreciate you all and have a great day! . BREAKFAST FLAUTAS 3 @sietefoods tortillas 2-3 scrambled eggs Chopped white onion, shredded cheddar cheese, spinach, cilantro, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa verde 🤤
When I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription they told me it wasn’t ready yet. I was furious and raised my voice yelling, “Are you serious!? How long do fish tacos take?” #TrueStory . PAN SEARED GARLIC AND HERB FISH TACOS with black beans, corn, cilantro, jalapeño, tomatoes, lime, and sour cream on cassava and coconut tortillas 🤤 @seacuisinemeals @sietefoods @thefeedfeed
Back in the day eye worked at a carnival in Mexico as a carne and asada most prettiest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. Cheese got round curves like an avocado and skin soft as can be-ans. . CARNE ASADA NACHOS WITH @sietefoods NACHO CHIPS, MEXICAN CHEESE, GREEN CHILES, BEANS, CORN, TOMATO, ONION, GUAC & SOUR CREAM 🤤🔥🙌🏻