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This week's podcast is a love letter to the Blood Orange: cocktails, preserves, cakes & curd. It just went live on the blog & you can subscribe to listen on itunes, Player FM or Stitcher Radio. Patreon subscribers just got a jam packed copy of the shownotes too! Link in profile ?? #apdpodcast
A friend gifted us some dark chocolate from Finland & my girl found the bar. She requested fridge cake & who was I to argue Hazelnuts, crumbled biscuits & dried fruit made this a decadent treat. I'm putting this down as Recipe number 872 that I need to write up. There's a twist that makes it extra special... I should test some first though right #themakersyear
Homemade quiche. #themakersyear has made me up my pastry game. I sort of winged it with some spelt flour & some left over creme fraiche as that's what we had in. Also my attitude to goats cheese appears to be go big or go home and I'm entirely ok with that.
New Years Eve, new beginnings. So excited by the reaction to #themakersyear. If you want to share your creativity in 2016, check the link in my profile or visit Have a great day!
Signs of a promising recipe: ground cardamon, 3 eggs, cream & caramelised pear. (Also, fun fact I just learned: it's called cardamom outside of the UK so autocorrect wasn't actually being a jerk.) #making_winter
Simple pleasures. I bought a whole bunch of broccoli & made it be friends with Stilton ?? (related: if you're near Dorset, I made enough to feed a small village so pop in for a cup ok )
With all the Thanksgiving images I knew would be popping up here making me hungry, I decided to get proactive! Last night I baked @mxjackmonroe's Courgette, Lemon & Sultana bread while I typed away into the wee hours. Today me is very grateful & I added some local gooseberry jam I found in Corfe yesterday. I've popped a favourite podcast episode for this time of year in the profile too- @franklin.habit's amazing Turkey Day tribute. It's a gem. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
We scored two free punnets of cherries at the farmers market yesterday. Sometimes the correct answer is breakfast muffins. Coffee is going to be awesome tomorrow morning!