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Potato and Sweet Potato Gratin

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Grilled Sweet Potatoes Arugula Salad
Keeping the holiday spirit, with this warm salad made with grilled sweet potatoes, pomegranate, arugula and crunchy hazelnuts.
One week before Thanksgiving! Getting in the holiday spirit! This one is going right away to a girls lunch.
Some crêpes, berries and a lot of maple syrup. Ohhhh how I love these mornings when my Mr. @jwilkinson9 makes me breakfast.
Weekends are mostly for baking! Tried this rice flour bread recipe from @ladyandpups and it turned out quite good. Extra soft, and slightly sweet. It's hard to not eat the whole loaf!
No homemade sweet treats for me this year but I made these quinoa stuffed mini pumpkins that are delicious. I might sneak some leftover candy after if there's any left! Happy Halloween all!
Soft and chewy oatmeal cookies anyone? Last time for me, 7 🍪in 24 hours... I might have abused a little bit. 😬 #pregnancycravings #misshavingthatexcuse
Wontons yesterday, baozi today. My mom is the best! She taught me how to make these pillowy steamed buns filled with mushroom and chicken.
Celebrating our baby's first month birthday tonight. These red eggs and ginger were served as part of our dinner. In the Chinese culture, it symbolizes joy and new life.
Because sometimes you just want a piece of fudge brownie.
What's better than a warm bowl of soup while the weather is getting chilly? Tonight, my mom and I made this squash, papaya, and dried freshwater shrimp soup. It fills you up with a nice warm and umami feeling.