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Raspberry, Peach And Lavender Sorbet
Imagine if you had a best friend and hadn't seen her in a year...and then, all of a sudden, she comes to visit you for an ENTIRE week!!! That's me today: my darling Natalie flew up here all the way from Texas, and I'm feeding her sorbet to celebrate. Voilà: raspberry, peach, and lavender sorbet, made with local fruit and herbs from @amberwavesfarm and @balsamfarms.
Oh yes. Stress-baking is back, yo. ? Vegan + gluten-free marbled chocolate cheesecake bars are here. ???? DaYUM. ☝
Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! ?? Not at home right now, otherwise I'm sure Santa would love to find these by the fireplace. ? Here are my vegan dark chocolate crinkle cookies, made with HOMEMADE white and dark chocolate swirled kisses. ??? Made these in the Abby Baking Rave of 2k15, where I baked cookies almost nonstop from 8:30 A.M. to 1:30 A.M., then got up at 5:30 A.M to bake homemade croissants. ?? Sure was fun, and these beauties were WORTH IT! ??
Back to the usual yoga and veggies! ? Lunch today was a crispy chickpea salad with crunchy romaine, cherry tomatoes, and a cilantro avocado drizzle dressing. ???
Today, I drew myself as a pink sea cucumber. ? Fun facts! I can't properly function anymore. ? Buuutttt homemade granola bars with chocolate chips, raisins, and coconut YASSSS. ? There are a few left, so if you want one of these beauties, stop by Culinary before they're gone...??
Staring at the Christmas lights adorning my room and listening to Saint Motel, trying to forget that it's only Tuesday. ? Still thinking about this delicious dinner I made on Sunday: braised pasture-raised lamb shanks with roasted parsnip puree and a garnish of fresh local spinach. ???
For some reason, we are all here, floating aimlessly through the universe on this strange little ball of rock and water. We've been given a gift, so let us not fill this world with violence, with pain. Let us fill this world with compassion, with kindness. Let us share our hearts in peace with positivity in each word, each action: together, we can relieve some of the hurt and replace it with more happiness, more smiles...more love. ?
The in-school culinary escapades of Abby continue, this time with an Indian flair! ? Baked samosas loaded with chickpeas, carrots, peas, and coconut, garnished with a sweet and spicy mint-lime chutney. ? I love sharing my dishes with my classmates! ??
Best way to gather an army: 1) Make this veggie pizza. 2) Bring pizza into choral room. 3) Lead hungry followers to do your bidding. Also, win at life because you unintentionally made pizza on National Pizza Day. ???