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Melissa Cann
Perth, Western Australia
Mama/baker/eternal whole-foodie. Forever the sweet-tooth.

Asian Chickpea Rice Paper Tacos

My Recipes
Baked Cauliflower Risotto With Fried Sage And Hazelnuts
baked cauliflower risotto with sage + hazelnut. there are few things more decadent than brown butter - one of life's little pleasures! One of the simplest yet most impressive risottos - you have to try it.
Honey & Roast Macadamia Ice Cream
i feel like summer is peeking it's head around the corner...I'll pretend it's already here with this honey-sweet treat. you should too! recipe now #ontheblog for this honey + roast macadamia ice cream ?
Chorizo, Fennel, & Leek Soup
feelin frosty warm up your bones with this rich and spicy number! ?chorizo, fennel + leek soup #ontheblog #wintertime
found the perfect doughnut recipe, slathered them in vanilla glaze and ate more than I should've. not complaining ?#canaryinthekitchen
eat flowers for dessert ???swoonworthy caramelised white chocolate donuts, serious #donutporn material!
your life can only improve if you roast your white chocolate #truths #chocolateporn ??
fluffy, crunchy + citrusy lemon doughnuts filled with vanilla + raspberry cream. oh happy Monday! ???#handmade #canaryinthekitchen #donutporn
put malted milk in everything and you'll thank me later. ???#handmade #canaryinthekitchen #donutporn
boy oh boy donuts are fun, esp when they're super fluffy and filled with malted mocha cream and topped with maltesers and just all 'round crazy good ??#canaryinthekitchen #handmade
a fun little choc + nutella from this morning - happy bday Zac! Topper by @funkybunting ?