Woodward Extract Co.
Small-batch flavor extracts made in Brooklyn, NY from quality, natural ingredients.

Ombre Tiramisu Style Cake

in partnership with Simple Mills
My Recipes
Greek yogurt with pecans, pumpkin seeds, and greenmarket quince poached with honey and our Bourbon + Vanilla extract.
Brown butter apple crisp made with panela unrefined cane sugar and our small-batch Bourbon + Vanilla extract.
Greenmarket plum shrub cocktail with whiskey, lemon, and our small batch Bourbon + Vanilla extract. Cheers!
Digging into a homemade peach tart with a bourbon, brown sugar, and Bourbon + Vanilla glaze. Happy #laborday!
Homemade granola, greenmarket plums, pecans, and Greek yogurt flavored with our Bourbon + Vanilla extract. Who's hungry ?