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We make damn good soups 'n curries • 100% natural • Available Thomas Dux, IGA & independent grocers.

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Toasty Breakfast Bread
The tastiest toastiest breakfast bread to ever hit your screen- and 100% healthy & gluten-free. This month's Wild Foodie @fastfoodslow has provided another exclusive recipe!
We’re taking it easy tonight and digging into a big bowl of our Hey Dhal Nepalese soup! You know it’s good for you because only hand-picked coriander and a delicious blend of herbs & spices are used for flavor no added crap! Photo credit to @kraut_kopf #wildfoodies
Have you tried our NEW Bombay curry? Made from 100% natural whole foods it’s like experiencing India in a bowl! Now available in your local Thomas Dux, Costco and IGA! #wildfoodies
“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies” -Gertrude Jekyll ? Who else knows this too be true? Photo credit to @urbangrowers #wildfoodies
You’re missing out if you haven’t already tried Mama Masala curry! It’s brimming with spices and made with love using spiced lentils, chunky carrot, and pumpkin, finished with creamy coconut milk and zesty lemon. It’s the real deal, made from 100% natural whole foods and now available in your local Th Thomas Dux, Costco and IGA! #wildfoodies
It’s not too hard to blend into nature! Photo credit: @bettanbelen #wildfoodies
We always choose to support local farmers wherever we can and hunt high and low to find the freshest produce. Waste is not an option so we use every part of the ingredients and send any leftovers to charity or back to our farms as compost.? Food is more than our passion, it’s our life! #wildfoodies
“If your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.”- Bill Watterson. Photo credit to @the_dailys #wildfoodies
We’re obsessed with salads in jars! ? As the weather is getting warmer we make a couple of these to pair with our soups for a perfectly balanced lunch! Photo credit to @kraut_kopf #wildfoodies
Nothing compares to having a fridge full of fresh goodies! So many food combo possibilities! What's on your meal plan this week? ? Photo credit to @kitchenbymike #wildfoodies