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Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding
Too early for a festive pudding? Yeah nahhh!! Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding! Rich, gooey and luxurious. Using my absolute favourite Dutch-Process Cocoa Powder from @organictimes for the ultimate chocolatey goodness.
Spooky Chocolate Halloween Cookies
Halloween baking weekend anyone?? Make a batch of these spooky (they're pretty cute though yeah?) Halloween cookies! Guess what?! The bats are filled in with @organictimes dark organic chocolate
Pear And Almond Cake With Maple Syrup
A slice of this beautiful Pear + Almond cake just for you! With extra maple syrup! Sharing this cake again because it's one of my absolute favourites!
Apple Kombucha Mojito Mocktail
Apple Kombucha Mojito Non-Alcoholic!! Filled with @remedykombucha 'Apple Crisp' Kombucha, lime juice and fresh mint. What a refreshing start to the end of the week!
Kombucha Mimosa Mocktails
Kombucha Mimosas! "You look so hot today Rhonda, like a sunrise!" Anyone else remember that ad on TV? The colour of these mimosas remind me of a sunrise! Filled with simple tasty ingredients - fresh orange juice, @remedykombucha raspberry lemonade, fresh strawberries and sliced orange wedges! Treat yourself to these non-alcoholic mimosas!
Chocolate Chip Waffles With Chocolate Drizzle
Mini Chocolate Chip Waffles! Perfect to share! Because could you finish this entire stack? Drizzled with my favourite chocolate from @organictimes and blended with so many chocolate chips that each mouthful is a guarantee for even more melted chocolate!