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Amy Kritzer
Austin, TX
Creator of modern Jewish recipes. Lover of theme parties and glitter.

Southwest Black Bean Nachos

My Recipes
Latkes With General Tso's Sauce
All I want for Christmas is Chinese food! (I think that's how the song goes.) Especially if these General Tso's Latkes are on the menu! Pairs nicely with a movie for the complete Jewish Christmas on Hanukkah!
Fried Matzo Balls
DEEP FRIED MATZO BALLS. Happy Sukkot, y'all! It's traditional to eat stuffed foods on this holiday. So I stuffed a bunch of matzo balls in my deep fryer. Does that count?
Grape Juice Jelly Candy
I don't think you're ready for this jelly...but you are ready for Homemade Jelly Candies just in time for Passover!
Matzo Ball Soup
Forget roses and chocolates, Bubbe's matzo ball soup is the real way to woo your JCrush.