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Sweet Potato Bites
Hold me closer tiny daaaancer... Trying out these Potato + Guac Bites. Roasted up a buncha potato slices w/ blackened seasoning at 425F for 30 mins. Then topped them generously. One has coconut cream + pickled onion and the other has marinated hot peppers + garlic.
Potato Wedges With Chimichurri
Snackin on Fries w/ Chimichurri + a lil Goat Cheese to ease the pain of all this SNOW! I mean it's suuuuuper pretty and everything but it can stop now, kthxbye.
Shrimp And Guacamole Sweet Potato Toast
Been thinking about making these for a week + they were WAY better than expected. No bread involved! Thanks for the inspiration, @nocrumbsleft. I will be making these again soon. Spicy BAKED sweet potato slices topped w/ homemade guac, spicy sriracha shrimp, + cilantro.
homemade focaccia became #pizza tonight + I ain’t mad at it. 🙌🏽 topped it w/ a lil salami, cherry tomatoes, arugula, + a balsamic kinda dinner fosho 👏🏼💃🏼 #bodybypizza 🏋🏼‍♀️
the recipe for this ☝? margherita cauliflower crust pizza w/ spicy chimichurri will be posted shortly! cauli crusts can be intimidating at first. ? but I've been making cauli crusts like crazy lately + I FINALLY perfected the recipe. ?? gotta try this one. ???
Cleaning out the fridge never looked so good. ☝?? don't mind if I do! // leftover cajan sweet potato fries + grilled corn, chimichurri made with supa HOT peppers from #farmersmarket , @chobani mixed with lime zest + juice, @manitobaharvest hemp hearts
Gangs all here! ? Heading to the #farmersmarket soon for s'more goodies. Happy Sunday, friends. Make it a good one! ? #youcompletemeavo #icantquityou