Rosé Rose Raspberry S'mores by vinniegrette | Quick & Easy Recipe | The Feedfeed
Rosé Rose Raspberry S'mores
"Have you ever heard of this thing called “the song of the summer”? Assuming you said yes, well, there’s also this thing very similar to it called “s’more of the summer” (jk. Idek if such thing even exists! lol) and that right there IS the s’more of the summer! I present to you the triple R s’more: Rosé Rose Raspberry. Taking your humble s’more to the next level with an abundance of elegance, creativity, and flavor! THE LAYERS: #homemade beurre noisette and lemon zest quinoa “graham cracker” which I fondly call “quinham” @ghirardelli dark chocolate raspberry squares topped with dehydrated raspberries and strawberries, pistachios, and rose petals #homemade rosé marshmallows with rose water essence @thefeedfeed @ghirardelli #feedfeed #abitebetter #contest"
-- @vinniegrette