"It’s hard to have a bad morning when dessert is on the breakfast menù"
-- @vgnbites
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Cook time 5mins
Serves or Makes: 1 big bowl


  • 3 pieces frozen + peeled bananas
  • 1 tablespoons vegan chocolate spread
  • Handful crushed nuts


  • Step 1

    Blend the bananas , milk , coconut cream , cacao powder , chocolate spread and the maple syrup in a food processor or very powerful high speed blender till you get creamy thick nice cream .

  • Step 2

    Turn off and add a some of the crushed nuts , the chocolate syrup and the chocolate nibs . Stir together

  • Step 3

    pour the smoothie in a bowl

  • Step 4

    Top it with extra crunchy nuts , chocolate nibs and generous drizzle of chocolate syrup 🤤🤤 and enjoy the extraaaaaa goodness .