Chia Berry Jam
"Homemade Chia Berry Jam , easy to make to start your valentine's morning"
-- @vgnbites


Cook time 5mins



  • Step 1

    To prepare, simply cook a cup of berries over a low heat on a stove top (I used frozen, as we’re not in berry season right now) with a good splash of water (around 2 Tbsp) and 1 Tbsp of sweetener (e.g. maple syrup, or white sugar l!), mixing well as you go. Once the berries are soft, mash with a fork and add a heaped Tbsp/good sprinkle of chia seeds. These nutritious seeds (rich in omega-3, protein, fibre, vitamins and mineral) have the ability to soak water and expand in weight creating a gelling effect - right before your eyes! If it’s too stiff, or gets too stiff over time, add a splash more water and mix. Then enjoy, as you would a regular jam. Only downside, as these aren’t preserved with a high sugar content you have to store in the fridge and they’ll only have a shelf life of about half a week - but I’m sure your batch won’t last that long!