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Rhubarb Blackberry Galette

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Coconut Milk Pumpkin Ice Cream
Five ingredients and a good blend later -- I used my my lovely @vitamix -- and we have a no chrurn, Dairy-Free Pumpkin Ice Cream. Just freeze it overnight and you're all set.
Chocolate Mousse Pie With Cookie Crust
It's going to be a delicious day. I'm loving all the fall flavors of apples, pears, pumpkin and cranberry... BUT lets not forget about chocolate! A Chocolate Mousse Pie with an Oreo Crust... rich, decadent and dare I say sexy? The best part, aside from it being incredibly easy to make is the maldon sea salt sprinkled on top - sweet and salty.
Dairy Free Chocolate Milkshake
You guys, it's going to be 57 degrees today! It's still January, right?? I'm totally confused, but hey, I'll take it! It will be a good day to enjoy this Dairy-Free Frosty!
Ginger Spiced Carrot Soup
I'm sharing one of my favorite "warm me up" soup. This Gingered Carrot soup recipe is from my mom and you know... recipes from mom are pretty much the best.
Blueberry And Blackberry Sauce Swirled Greek Yogurt
For the month of June, I am sharing a photography tip with each of my recipe posts! Today, I'm talking about Aperture while enjoying this Yogurt with Blueberry and Blackberry Sauce inspired by @cookinglight !!
Jamie Oliver's Tomato Carpaccio Salad
I'm talking about natural light and sharing this refreshing and colorful Tomato Carpaccio salad by Jamie Oliver - Yay spring! #upcloseandtasty
Kale And Potato Soup With Lemon And Feta
Happy Friday! I'm sharing one of my Mom's best soup recipes #ontheblog this morning! This potato and kale soup with lemon and feta will keep you nice and warm this weekend. Come and get it! xo
Cranberry, Greek Yogurt And Maple Syrup Popsicles
i'm sharing my leftover cranberry sauce popsicles with greek yogurt and maple syrup! they're totally refreshing after the big feast and festivities! enjoy! #upcloseandtasty #popsicle #cranberry #maplesyrup #greekyogurt #feedfeed
Flank Steak With Charred Corn Salsa
new post! i'm sharing another delicious recipe from @bonappetitmag and introducing @greentowers_llc and their delicious microgreens. link in profile. you are going to love this one! xo #steak #salsa #feedfeed