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Chicken Schnitzel with Quick Pickled Fennel Salad

A Note From feedfeed

Chicken schnitzel is a dish that appears across dinner tables at home as well as restaurant menus all over Israel. The craveable, crispy cutlet is delicious all on its own or wedged into a pita for an easy sandwich. In this version, flour is used to prevent the chicken from sticking to any surfaces while pounding out thin with a mallet (which allows it to cook faster and become more tender and juicy). 

The pickled fennel salad served with this version provides acidity to balance the salty, shallow fried cutlet as well as a complementary crunch. Pickling fennel highlights the anise in its profile while toning down the raw flavor. Like it’s counterpart in this dish, pickled fennel is versatile and great to have on hand to enjoy on smoked salmon, over rice, or with braised meats throughout the week.