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Grace Van Velden
South Africa & the United States
Tea drinker, real food lover, beekeeper, runner + cancer survivor

Pull Apart Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

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My Recipes
French 76
ringing in the '15 to '16 new year w. french 75s + 76s #feedfeed #french75
Cauliflower And Shishitos With Picada Sauce
shi-shi-shishitos (say it w. me now, + to the tune of su-su-sussudio). blistered peppers, even the mild ones, may not have been the best idea on this scorcher of a night, but they were sublime! wait, who am I kidding there was always phil collins to commiserate w. if it didn't work out. inspired by @saveurmag's cauliflower + shishito pepper w. picada sauce (cacao, crispy garlic, balsamic, almond + parsley).
Paczkis - Polish Doughnuts Filled With Jam
paczkis! (poonch-keys) if you've ever spent a mardi gras in michigan (or any time in Poland), you know exactly how spectacular paczkis are. they're polish doughnuts, and these were so tempting I had to eat one almost straight out of the skillet. these are filled w. seedy raspberry jam + rolled generously in granulated cane sugar. hope everyone in the mitten uses tuesday wisely!
Baked Chips With Sea Salt & Fresh Squeezed Lemon
let me preface this by saying: I'm all about guacamole. guac for brek, guac for second brek(!), guac for lunch, guac for dinner, guac for snacks, guac for dessert, guac-off parties, guac w. surprise ingredients but, I have to sideline the guac (only for a second) bc THESE CHIPS were out of this world. evoo, sea salt + fresh squeezed lemon baked chips.
Kale & Walnut Pizza With Goat Cheese, Apples & Shallots
yehrp. I cut my pizza with little gardening scissors. seasonal skillet zah of cortland apples, goat cheese brie, kale, walnut, shallots + gluten free dough.
Vegan Raw Raspberry & Lime Cheesecake
surprise! recreated erika(@loveliveraw)'s amazing raw raspberry+lime vegan cheesecake // i added a lime zest layer + swapped agave for maple syrup!
Fresh Ravioli Two Ways
balsamic ribboned fresh pasta ready to turn into ravioli, two ways -- artichoke-lemon-garlic pesto + basil-arugula-almond pesto
Vegan Doughnuts With All Vegetable Dyed Icing
a day well spent means i've either got sugar or dirt under my nails + in my hair. homemade (vegan) doughnuts w. all vegetable dyed icing + a smorgasbord of toppings.